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Our family - one team


Our winery is located on the edge of the wine village Kroev, surrounded by vineyards and the charming landscape of the Moselle. Most of our four hectares of vineyards can be found in steep and flat areas of the direct region.


Passion for wine for over eight generations

The history of viticulture in the family Kaufmann goes back to the year 1750, when initially Michael Johannes Kaufmann moved to Kroev and started to grow here on a larger scale. Therefore, quality winegrowing means tradition to us, which we use in combination with innovative and modern methods to keep meeting our high quality standards.


(Working in the vineyard around 1959)

Thomas Kaufmann

Viticultural technician, graduated from theTechnikerschule Bad Kreuznach

Responsible for the expansion of our wines and the overall management of the business since 1987.

In addition, since 2017 Vice President of the Weinbauverband Mosel.



Lars Kaufmann

Viticultural Technician, graduated from the Technician School Weinsberg

The next generation - brings in new ideas and is responsible for all outdoor operations and the vineyards.

Iris Kaufmann

Quality Coach Service Quality Germany and Nature Experience Guide

Responsible for the office, marketing, wine tastings, guests - and always there when someone is needed.