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Our vineyards - the foundation of first-class wines






Our vineyards are the foundation of our aromatic wines. In addition to the favorable, sunny locations with nutrient-rich slate soils, the year-round care of our vines ensures that the grapes develop optimally and reach their full potential of aromas. In promising years, we even sort out the particularly aromatic berries by hand, to refine them to exceptional wines.

Since we love wine in all its facets, and do not want to withhold these from you, we grow five different white and two red vines. The red wine has found its way to the Moselle very late and we - as one of the most experienced wineries in the cultivation of red vines in the region - are pleased to be able to offer you red wines of different aromatic levels each year.


The "queen" of the vines, which is characterized by a slight acidic note and a good shelf life. The Mosel is the world's most favorable growing area for the Riesling, as the particularly temperate climate allows a long maturation period, which is essential for the Riesling.

Culinary suggestion to enjoy light meat and desserts


Discover our Riesling!


One of the most successful crossbreedings of Trollinger and Riesling, which tastes similar to Riesling, but spicier. It is in general very robust and therefore a reliable source of high quality harvest.


Culinary suggestion as sweet wine to desserts


Discover our Kerner!


Low-acid grape variety, which is also called "Müller Thurgau". Is gladly expanded as "Schoppenwein", or used for grape juice.

Culinary suggestion is ideal for pasta or together with a snack


Discover our Rivaner!

Pinot Blanc

In germany known as "Weißburgunder" and is often offered as dry wine. Its characteristics includes special heat resistance and a low acidity.

Culinary suggestion goes well with asparagus, fish and veal


Discover our Pinot Blanc!


Grows in almost all known wine areas and is therefore the best known grape variety worldwide. Ideal for dry and fresh wines.

Culinary suggestion a dream paired with quiche and goat cheese


Discover our Chardonnay!


The only red vine, which is also expanded as sweet wine. With its fruity-mild taste, it offers a good alternative to white wines.

Culinary suggestion stylish companion for strong roasts and cheeses


Discover our Dornfelder!

Pinot Noir

Typical red vine, which is in germany also known as "Spätburgunder". Originally from Burgundy, it is arrived at the Moselle only 35 years ago

Culinary suggestion supplements game meat and beef in a unique way


Discover our Pinot Noir!