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Our wine cellar - between tradition and innovation


The heart of the winery is our cellar. Here we ensure that the juice of our own grapes becomes the high-quality wine that you know from us.

Every vintage is different: some cannot wait to turn into wine and are endangered to miss the stopping point; others need a bit of motivation on their way to the noble result. Some are even intended for a higher goal and get hold of one of the rare places in the barrique barrel, to be able to stand out from all the others with very individual notes.

Thus, every future wine requires individual, intensive guidance, which we enthusiastically embrace every year. To make the best of our grapes, we use our familiy's multigenerational knowledge, but also take into account the latest insights from modern viticulture - proving that tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive anew every year.


Our efforts are honored by the fact that every year several of our wines are awarded silver and gold by the Chamber of Agriculture of Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition, two of our wines were selected for the tasting of the best 100 gold-winning wines in the "Wine Forum" in Trier in 2011 and 2017 each.